Bulletproof coffee in Australia

If you’re reading this you’ve most likely heard of “bulletproof coffee” and the art of adding butter and oil to the mix, so here is my version that works for me.  It took me a month before I found the right ratios of butter & oil so be prepared for some visits to the toilet when you first start as your body gets used to the new found goodness you’re feeding it.

I travel on planes a lot and this is the perfect morning breakfast for me, but that doesn’t mean it is the only time I have it.   Gone are the days of crashing out on the plane even after a good nights sleep, getting hungry and stressing about the next meal in an airport that doesn’t have anything truly healthy at all.

I can relax, be charged with energy and power through the morning.   I’m up at 5am without the need to worry about food until around 1:30p.

For the record I’m 5’10 (although I’ve been telling people for years I’m 5’11),  weigh 83kgs with approx 11% BF.  My wife has exactly half of this mix below, is 5’3 & less than 2/3 my weight.   For sake of my health and safety, I’m not including her BF percentages.    Not a smart move for any man…. she looks amazing….Happy Days!!!!!!

So here’s my ratio mix and equipment I use.


French Press: Grind coffee beans and……

and add 2 scoops into French Press with 2 cups boiled water – I let it sit for 4 minutes.

Add 50g grass fed butter, 2tbs MCT oil together into an aluminium cup.

Plunge coffee (slowly).  I do it twice- my preference – pour it into the aluminium cup.

I wait for the butter to melt slightly.  I'm sure it doesn't really matter though as the blending will smooth it out.

I use a Bodum hand blender.

I blend on the highest speed (only has 2) for 20 seconds.  You'll start to see it all blend beautifully together half way through. Hold the cup or it will start spinning, but note that the cup gets very warm.

it's still really hot so be careful.

Tastes amazing and this mix is perfect for me.   As a tip, when I travel I sometimes take the big hand blender or I have a mini blender which is pretty powerful with full battery charge. Easier to carry when I'm in transit. I got mine on eBay.



About onehealthyman

A passionate fitness and health nut stuck in a corporate world, and loving it. Born in '74 and finding a new way of eating, living and loving life with an amazing family. I've been training in Muay Thai, weights and anything fitness for over 20 years.....now I found a whole new world of healthy eating and hopefully I can share even something with one person that makes a difference to their life.
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2 Responses to Bulletproof coffee in Australia

  1. Geoff says:

    Thanks for the description on the onehealthyman. Wise move on not mentioning your wife’s stats.

    I started this today, and you are right, the taste is terrific. I am 100 kg, so I may up the quantity a little. I wasnt able to find gradd fed butter, but salt reduced (short coming of my local store).

    I look forward to seeing how this goes, am trying for a month.


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