Cook with coconut and stop those sugar cravings

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Having been a health and fitness expert for over 13 years, it is critical to attain and share the real facts on foods that can enhance your health.

One tropical trooper that can assist you tremendously is coconut oil. It boasts a vast range of health benefits, inclusive of beating sugar cravings to aiding weight loss. There are so many nourishing properties contained in coconut oil than most of us may realise and here are my top 8 reasons to love coconut oil:

1. Great fat properties

Coconut oil contains short-term, medium-chain saturated fatty acids (MCFAs), which is a “healthy” form saturated fat compared to trans fat. Trans fatty acid consumption is linked with heart problems, depression and increased cholesterol levels. What does consuming MCFA fats in coconut oil mean for your body? It means that your body metabolises these fats in the liver, immediately converting this into energy…

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About onehealthyman

A passionate fitness and health nut stuck in a corporate world, and loving it. Born in '74 and finding a new way of eating, living and loving life with an amazing family. I've been training in Muay Thai, weights and anything fitness for over 20 I found a whole new world of healthy eating and hopefully I can share even something with one person that makes a difference to their life.
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