What!!!!! Coconut oil makes you fat?

“Prevalence of overweight and obesity in adults aged 18 years and over has continued to rise to 63.4% in 2011-12 from 61.2% in 2007-08 and 56.3% in 1995” – www.abs.gov.au

And the Monash Obesity and Diabetes Institute research claims (http://www.modi.monash.edu.au/obesity-facts-figures/obesity-in-australia/)
– Health disorders in children like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, hypertension and sleep apnea can be directly attributed to childhood obesity.
– 14 million Australians are overweight or obese
– If weight gain continues at current levels, by 2025, close to 80% of all Australian adults and a third of all children will be overweight or obese.
– Obesity has overtaken smoking as the leading cause of premature death and illness in Australia.

So……..we’re all a lot fatter now than we were over 10 years ago and yet we still hear that a low fat diet is beneficial to our health. So is there something I’m missing here?  Am I reading the wrong studies?   Or is it possible that they (whoever they are) may have it all wrong? Statistics don’t lie.

To put something in context but simply explained (and I’m far from technical or scientific) oils and fats are known as lipids.  At room temperature if it is liquid form it is called an oil and if it solidifies it’s fat.

So lets look at my favourite – coconut oil. I add it to my green tea in the morning before I workout (5am), add heaped tablespoons to my sauté veggies which my toddler son loves too, to coffee (although just MCT oil and grass fed unsalted butter blended together is amazing – thanks Dave Asprey (http://bit.ly/18ULkHz) and when I’m travelling, I take a jar and have a teaspoon if I need an extra kick of energy.

But when people see it’s fat and that more than half of my diet consists of HEALTHY fat, they wonder how it’s possible that I walk around at 39 years old and have more energy now than ever before.   I wish I discovered this fat earlier in my life!

The problem is that it is called ‘fat’ which we associate with adipose tissue which is cellular fat (body fat).  Remember what I mentioned at the beginning about lipids?

Coconut oil contains short term medium chain fatty acids which, as a healthy form of fat, are small enough for the cells to absorb being quickly converted to energy.

Coconut oil is also almost half lauric acid which is a powerful virus destroyer and is the reason why so many people use coconut oil as the basis of so many natural cosmetic applications.

Opposing this is long chain triglycerides (LCT) found in most vegetable oils and highly consumed today.   Love your fried potato chips?  Guess what it’s cooked in!?:
– LCTs are harder for your body to break down
– Generally stored as ‘body fat’
– Strains your entire digestive system

MCTs on the other hand:
– easy for the body to breakdown
– gets sent directly to the liver through the blood stream to be converted to energy almost immediately
– promotes weight loss and thermogenesis

So the next time your cooking try coconut oil and watch those sweet cravings your probably having, go away. Just make sure it’s virgin coconut oil.



About onehealthyman

A passionate fitness and health nut stuck in a corporate world, and loving it. Born in '74 and finding a new way of eating, living and loving life with an amazing family. I've been training in Muay Thai, weights and anything fitness for over 20 years.....now I found a whole new world of healthy eating and hopefully I can share even something with one person that makes a difference to their life.
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